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City and County Cleaning is your professional power washing service based in the greater Cork area. Powerwashing is a great way to clean your home or business while protecting your roof and exterior surfaces. It is also a great way to freshen up your property.

With the variety of surfaces available, City and County Cleaning can give your home, office, or outdoor space a completely new look. Your home or business will look more attractive and inviting, and you will feel better about using it.

Power washing is ideal if you want to maintain a green environment, and want to ensure that your house and garden are safe for you and your children.

Why Us

Our experienced team can help you power wash your home, office, driveway, patio, fence, garage, and even garden.

Powerwashing helps to improve the appearance of your home or business by removing the dirt and dust that builds up on surfaces, such as roofs, windows, fences, walls, and concrete patios and driveways. The process works best when used on a regular basis and done by a professional.

We are a well-established company providing a wide range of services including roof cleaning and painting, driveway cleaning and driveway sealing, powerwashing, gutter cleaning, patio cleaning, and much more. We have developed a reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction.

All our services are competitively priced and we provide a warranty on our workmanship. Our team of professionals can help you achieve your goal of a cleaner home. We’re committed to providing you with top-quality workmanship and friendly service at affordable prices. For more information, contact us today!

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